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Time travel with perks (story)

tl;dr Travel to the future and take full control of someone’s body (wifey) for a few hours.

I’ve been fascinated with time travel since I was a kid. Back to the future is one of my favorites. I was unable to find any flaw on the story for a long long time. Recently, I had this weird dream, from which I took the main idea for this story.

A long time ago, in a planet far, far away… Adam tested his time-machine. He could only travel to the future, no more than 2 weeks into the future. He setup the test of the the machine to appear two days into the future, at 2am, location: the master bedroom of his house. He pushed the button and felt a short cold breeze. Then he opened his eyes. It was dark, it was very late at night. He then hear the snoring of the other person on the bed. He touch his hair; it was very long. He then got closer to the other person on the bed bed and saw himself snoring and with a slight smell of alcohol. Adam has short hair, his wife has long hair.  It worked. He did travel in time to his own bed and is now possessing his wife’s body.  He moved his hands down the chest; it was a woman’s. Then he got up and walked to the bathroom. The night light allowed him to see in the mirror that he was in his wife’s body. It was odd. Then he proceeded to do the second part of the test. He walked to the kitchen, took the potato peeler and cut himself a small cut in the knee, his wife knee. He felt the pain, took a napkin and cleaned the two or three drops of blood. He wrapped the napkin in another napkin and trashed it. This is it. He went to back to bed as the time he had set to stay in the future was short, only 5 minutes. Laying down on bed, pain subsiding, hearing the snoring, waiting, and touching the next person, himself, with just a small padding, so that the snoring stops. He waited, and in a couple of minutes felt the cold breeze again and was back in his normal timeline, his hand just in front of the button he had pushed 5 minutes ago, actually, just a second ago.

The test for time travel worked well on his side. He was in the future, took possession of his wife’s body, did a tiny cut in her knee and went back to sleep. Now it is time to plan his actions for two days into the future.

The next day he stayed up late, working in the computer until he knew he would have only 4 hours of sleep. Then on the second night, during dinner, he popped an allergy pill; the ones that make him really sleepy. After dinner, he shared a beer with his wife, but after she went on to her computer as usual, he had a second beer without her knowledge. He was sleepy from the previous night, plus the allergy pill and the beer, he knew that he only had to wait until around 11pm and he’ll be deeply sleepy when the time travel test will take place. He slept trough; only to wake up at around 4am to pee. He then felt the anxiety as he wondered about his wife. He turned and looked at her sleeping on bed, as usual, without making any noise. He moved the blankets and spotted her hurt knee. Now he will go pee and then be back to sleep and talk to her in the morning.

He woke up first. Then he went to the restroom, followed by shower, when she came into the bathroom and only said “good morning”. He proceeded as the usual routine. When she was getting ready for a bath, he asked her “what happened to your knee?”. She looked at it and said she did not know, she must have hurt her somewhere and did not even noticed. He was happy. The time travel test was successful. He could travel to the future, possess someone’s body and that person would not remember, even if they got hurt. He then started to plan his next time travel episode, same location, same person’s body being possessed, but this time he will use his wife’s body to find out whether he is gay or not; or B (as in LGBT).

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