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Song in spanish: Privilegio de Amar

I like the song: “El privilegio de amar” by Mijares & Lucero. I remembered that someone said that got into tears when hearing this song and thinking of their daughter. Here is my translation of the lyrics (originally in spanish) because the ones I found online were not good enough. I avoided repetitive lines and shortened it instead of translating word by word.

“The privilege of loving you”

What could I tell you in a short time?

What could I give you, which will stay near your soul, and in your heart?

I do not pretend to show you what the world is about.

But it is worth to enjoy every day because your gift to me has been the privilege of loving you.

Say what you feel. Do what you think.

Give all you got and have no regrets.

And if what you expect does not happen, never settle and never stop.

Also, remember God.

You’ll be the size of your thoughts. Do not let yourself fail.

The most important things are your feelings and the things that money cannot buy.

And when the time comes, you will fly alone.

Even if we’re not together, the memories will be there.

Do not limit yourself by what others say.

Be what you want to be, but be yourself.

I love you so much.