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ok Toyota, if you insist on knowing about bad service via survey

I did regular service on my Toyota car early on May 2014.
I’ve received three emails asking for feedback about my recent service experience, and today I actually received a phone call to remind me about it. I strongly believe that no one truly reads or acts upon such automatically generated surveys. But, given that Toyota insists, I’ll fill it up and copy relevant feedback here.

Quality of work: They should have mentioned that the terminals had corrosion but I should have read the printout of the service too, instead of relying on the service advisor saying that “everything is great with the car”.
They normally inspect the cabin air filter and recommend changing it. I have changed it myself in the past, so I changed it about two weeks after the service.
To my surprise, I found that the little tube that helps the globe compartment to open slowly was disconnected. I also found that they did not even blow air on the cabin-air filter. I know for a fact that even if you do not install a new one, it is a common practice to just blow some air on the filter to remove some of the dust. When I replaced the cabin-air filter I knew immediately that such blowing of air to clean it a bit was not done at all.
I consider such quality of work to be unacceptable.

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